Ara’s Tale is a CG animated short written and directed by Martin Lubich. For the full team see here.

Production start was in summer 2009 and the initial idea was to have a very short (1.5 min) movie mainly for educational purposes. During development this short has grown and has reached now a size of 8 min.

This is a non commercial project and the work on Ara’s Tale was done in the free time of each team member.

The production of this movie follows the idea of the Open Movies done by the Blender Institute (Elephants Dream, Big Buck Bunny and Sintel).  Another example would be Tube by Urchin.

That means the whole process of creating this movie is open and done with preferably open software. The movie itself is released under a CC license. All the production files and assets are released under a CC license as well.

Ara’s Tale is the first short movie by Martin Lubich.